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Nice Matin
210 W 79th St, New York NY
(at Amsterdam Ave)

My wife and I ate at Nice Matin in March 09. We were in town to visit her family and celebrate our anniversary, and while we were there we met up with a friend of mine. My friend recommended that we have dinner at this restaurant, and I was not disappointed.

Nice Matin is not small, but it's not large. The tables are fairly close together, which is to be expected in New York. The restaurant was full but did not feel overcrowded. The furniture is made of dark wood, but the floor and the lighting give the restaurant a kind of amber glow, so it felt cozy, but lively, and classy without being pretentious.

The food was excellent. I had the hanger steak au poivre with braised spinach and onion rings. The steak was nice and tender, although not quite as rare as I had requested; the pepper sauce was well made and complemented it nicely. The spinach was really excellent: a beautiful deep green with lots of flavor. Braised greens are one of my favorite foods when well cooked, but frequently they are too dry or too bitter or too dull, but this spinach had none of those faults. The onion rings were also very good: thin and crispy.

For dessert I had crème brûlée, one of the better ones I've had. Crème brûlée is one of my favorite treats, and I like to try it at a variety of restaurants, and Nice Matin's definitely stacks up.

The wine list was long and extensive. Most of the wines are on the pricey side, but we were still able to get a good Haut Medoc without breaking the bank. Actually, I think Nice Matin's mark-up on wine is on the low side, which is always a plus. On the whole, the prices were very reasonable.

The service was also very good. The waiter was attentive without hovering. The restaurant was sufficiently staffed that the waiters were not spread too thin.

We will surely go back to Nice Matin. Highly recommended.

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